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~Old News~

10/10/10 - The Black Scroll!

The Black Scroll of Ragnok is a short Legelot story that was supposed to give a quick background and be a quick fun read for everyone.

But the story is cursed! Over the last few years, I've lost 100s of pictures from all sorts of accidents, and even the writing has been corrupted or destroyed in some way or another. But now (finally) it will be finished up within the next 2 months!

Stay Tuned!

02/15/10 - Happy Chinese New Year!

It's amazing that Legelot has been around for over 5 years now! Unfortunately, I've been in Asia for most of that 5 years, which means that I've been completely removed from my LEGO collection! This of course makes publishing Legelot stories difficult...!

But now a new (kind of sucky-but-better-than-nothing-opportunity) has presented itself! Cloned bricks! China has some of the best/unique clone bricks I've ever seen, and they're dirt cheap! As a result, I'm adding a new continent to Legelot... the land of Fu Bai (Chinese for "Corrupt, Rotten").

Stay Tuned!

07/06/07 - Writing But Not Publishing

Having graduated with an MBA in Asia, I've got quite a bit of time nowadays and have been writing up a storm - what's more, I've been enjoying it immensely. It feels good to start writing again! That said, it's a bit annoying that I still cannot publish LEGO stories, as the bulk of my collection remains thousands and thousands of miles away, in the US. Ah well, I'll keep writing, and just plan on taking a looot of pictures when I go home. ;)

06/06/07 - Taiwan Nights

Being here in Asia with only a handful of KK2:2 sets is hardly inspiring for writing, but I have managed to finish book 2 of ATC and a few chapters of the Black Scroll story. Still, until I can get back home to my collection, it's safe to say that Legelot, while its story is developing and growing on my computer, will not be published for general consumption for some time. :(

12/26/05 -1/20/06 -Book Two Keeps rolling along...

Having gotten Castle World back on track, I've managed to go ahead and publish two more chapters to Book Two of the Ancient Tombs of Chiron (22 hour plane rides are good for getting work done). I'll be looking to finish Book Two (finally!) by the end of February... cross your fingers. It'll be better for the story if I do, as I am finally get a bit tired of the "Nicals vs. Dondels" idea.Innvision's gift to Castle World this year was less than welcome.

12/26/05 -The wrong kind of Christmas Present

Innvision's gift to Castle World this year was less than welcome. As we all planned to wind down the year with jolly posts and maybe a short story or two, we came to CW to find nothing there... and a "Page not found" error to welcome us. It all started on the 21st, and as of the 26th (today), still no change. I'm looking into options, and what to do next. Also, I want salvage all the work and posts we made.

As such, the ATC plans will be postponed, with hopes that chapter 3 will come out in January... ah well, such is life.

12/16/05 -Winding down the year with Chapter 3...

Less than 1 week after Chapter 1 was published, I managed to throw up Chapter 2... So what now? I've been trying very hard to at least finish Chapter 3 before the end of December. It's proving to be a difficult task because it is one of the longest chapters in Book 2, with over 30 images included.

In other news, Castle World is continuing along as healthy as ever, and even had a face-lift to look good for the new year... well, I have to touch up some graphics, but the main change has been made.

11/27/05 - A change in Legelot...

It was exactly 60 days ago that I said I would have Chapter One of book two published in 20-30 days. Such is life in the hobby world - a world of enjoyment and procrastination. :) That said, Chapter One of book two has been published! Now I will begin work on Chapter Two... and bets how long that will take?

09/27/05 -There and back again...

Having taken all the photos for my story "The Black Scroll of Ragnok", I've decided to hop back once more, to the east and the struggle between the Nicals and the Dondels. The text and pictures for several chapters are done, I believe I will begin publishing in 20-30 days. :)

08/07/05 -Switching Sides...

Having finished Book One of The Ancient Tomes of Chiron (ATC), I've decided to take a break from that story for a little while and hop over to the other side of the "Plate" (Continent), and begin writing about two different civilizations. The eastern side of the plate will be a nice break, since it is more developed (not enslaved) and has an entirely different cast of characters... plus... a break from working with clones! :-)

(Maybe I should write a case study on my experience with Clones so far...)

07/11/05 -Photo Work...

I just keep snapping photos here in effort to finish off Book One of the Ancient Tomes of Chiron in a timely fashion. It's a bit more work than I imagined, but not too bad, and very enjoyable. I've finished Chpt. 4 and have pieces of Chpt. 5 and 6 finished as of now.

06/28/05 -The Publishing Begins...

I've just posted images and text for chapter 1 and 2 of the first book, "Surfacing". I'm still a bit unsure of my picture-taking and photoshop skills, but I think this is a good start, nonetheless. More to come.

06/14/05 -The second book finished...

As you may or may not know, there are three books chronicling the "Ancient Tomes of Chiron", and I've just finished Book Two, which maxed out at 70+ pages, double spaced. Before going to book three, I believe it's time to start publishing some of this stuff! So, I will begin building and snapping photos next week. I would love to get some of this online for anyone interested at the end of next week, so please stay tuned... (and patient). ;-)

06/02/05 -The Poll Results are in...

As you can see... the overwhelming majority elected to see my story next... but only if it had pictures! Well, this makes sense... if a story doesn't have pictures of Lego Characters, it's not really a Lego story, in my mind. On that note, I've actually finished a large amount of my story, and just need to model/snap pictures. However, since I just graduated from college, I'll be moving somewhere soon, so that might not happen until after the move... but I'll be posting as soon as possible with the pictures, that much is certain! :-)

12/09/04 - E-Bay Clean-up!

I just bought five (5) lego sets for a grand total of $80.00. Making this even more significant is the fact that two of the sets were the King's Mountain Fortress and the Wolves Tower/Bridge! Also, the King's Mountain Fortress is essential for me to write the first story, so this really was a "clean-up" job on e-bay! :-D

12/20/04 - My first attempts with Photoshop & Lego

I took some time this Christmas Break to tinker around with Photoshop and Lego... but I am having some issues as of now.. mainly dealing with lighting inconsistencies and with merging the legos with the background I've selected (Which you will see when you view these pics)

Here are the first attempts::: The Midorian Uprising >> The Northern Guard
>>>> More first attempts::::: Ambassador Ambush

These issues are currently what stand between my and publishing the beginnings of my story to the web.

12/02/04 - Legelot is Launched!

Welcome to my first ever lego page... named "Legelot", after the name of my storyline... ok, granted, it may sound silly and a bit cliche, but I think you will all be pretty suprised... well, hope so! From this point, I will start small, with my set listing and any basic news, as well as a few links... then I will go into the story later. As of now, I have only a 3mpx camera, and it's not quite good at taking the quality pictures I'd like to have for my story.

Questions or Comments

Any comments or questions,visit me on the CW forums!

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