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The Shiraqi Ambush of a Foreign Ambassador

Shiraqi Ambush

Although all the figs and factions pictured below have their own place in my story, this scene is just a fictitious one that I made for fun. As you can see, I have used flat green plates for my "woodland" background. Not my preferred method, but the only option until I unlock the best way to paste in a good background image.

Our foreign ambassador is enjoying his royal escort...

Out of the shadow of the woodlands, the Convoy is attacked!

Shiraqi warriors stream from the bushes...!

The battle is joined!

Brave Adai'ian Knights turn away the hopeless Shiraqi Imperial footmen...

While some Adai'ian footmen rush to the front...

And others run for their lives!

This Archer may be saved by his assailant's lousy balance!

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