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Castle Community Links...

>Castle World
---The LEGO Writer's Guild for writing, publishing and improving LEGO Castle Stories.

>Classic Castle
---This is the LEGO site I vist most often, with a thriving Castle community.

--- This is the best site for LEGO pieces and parts in bulk, or in customized format.

--- This is by far the best site for viewing new LEGO creations, and hosting your own.

--- Of course, no LEGO link listing would be complete without the creators.

--- A site full of all the different communities for different themes, but I'd say the CC site is better for Castle.

--- A great listing of just about every LEGO part ever made... EVER.

>Little Armory
--- These guys make specialized parts for your LEGO figs - and do it quite well I should add.

  Castle Story Links...

>>CONCLUDED STORIES - Stories that have told us their tale and wrapped up.

>>ACTIVE STORIES - Stories being updated on a consistent basis.
>>STATIC STORIES - Stories being updated sporatically and infrequently.
>>DEAD STORIES - Stories that have stopped developing altogether.


The Kingdom of Ikros
---By far the largest and most extensive Castle story website, with wonderful effects and a great plot.

>The Kingdom of Sikaron - Book One
---A fast-moving story with a lot of action and intrigue being developed in the first three chapters.


The Land of Conithia
---An interesting story with short, action-packed chapters, with it's characters having gone on quite a bit of adventure so far.

>The Realms of Arzog
---An up-and-coming new castle story from an experienced LEGO writer.

>The Kingdom of Kilralthy
---A yet-to-be published story with an expanding cast of characters... but not much more is known...


>The Kingdom of Ikros - Chaos Skies
---The story of Ikros continues in this cool sequel, Chaos Skies.

>LEGO Lord of the Rings
---A site dedicated to putting the Lord of the Rings into LEGO format - pretty cool, and very well done.

>Return of the Sorceror
---A new story that has just begun, from the "Hordesman".


>The Kingdom of Artanis
---A novel way of creating the setting and props, this story has a great two chapters, but it seems to have run it's course.

---A story with a lot of promise with great artwork, but no activity for some time.

The Kingdom of Andrastavia
---A good story with simply amazing photoshop work and LEGO building displayed... Andrastavia went 3 chapters and then died.

>The Kingdom of Caerany
---A story I just came across, by a skilled builder.

>Forest of Blood ** Dead Link as of 09/01/05
---A good story with a lot of promise that seems to have died out after the third chapter.

>The Four
---A very unique and interesting castle-based story that stops after eight short but good chapters.

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